Magento2 - Custom Order Number


I implement this extension to help you manage an order number more flexibly. The default order number functionality of Magento is just a simple one; it just manages increment numbers by store scope, and you can do more with my extension.

For example, you would like to make an order number like this: DE-B2B-04-00023. Which: DE is country code, B2B is a customer group, and 04 is a month when a customer is placing an order. So please read more detail on how to do it with my extension.

Key features:

How to use it:


Go to Store » Configuration » Betagento » Custom Order Number




1. Pattern/Expression : Where to define a format of a order numebr

Variables already supported:

{SEQUENCE_NUMBER} : Sequence Number (0000xxx)
{date} : Date number 
{month} : Month number 
{year} : Year number
{website_code} : Website code
{customer_group} : Customer Group

Shipping Address attributes

billing_company : Company
billing_country_id : Country ID (DE,DK)
billing_postcode : Country ID (DE,DK)

Shipping Address attributes

{shipping_country_id} : Country 
{shipping_postcode} : Post code

If you want more, pls contact me (Trung) [“”]

2. Zero Padding :

Number zero is padded before a counter, default is 9

3. Use Sequence Per Wesbite Scope :

Sequence number will calculate by website scope not store scope.


You want to adjust it or to add more features is possible – so if you are interested, pls contact me. Again via (Trung) [“”]

Issues : You can post an issues on a given private repository if you are allowed.

Free to fix any bugs/issues of all verions of the extension (For all of a functionality term, a coding standard term, security term). Regardless, you need to pay me a coffee.

About Betagento:

My name is Luu Van Trung. Betagento is my personal bussiness to provide Magento extensions and services.

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