Magento 2 - Catalog Quota for Customer

Manage purchased quantity quota for customer groups

How to use:

1. Manage Purchase Quanity for Customer Groups

Please go to Product Edit Form, you can see a new section name “Purchase Quantity Quota”, where you can define a purchase quantity quote per a group.


For example, We define 3 quota numbers for Team A, Team B, Team C in a company.

2. History of Purchased Orders

Of course, after placing an order, a quota number will be reduced respective to qty ordered. So you can see log to observer every changes in a history grid image


You want to adjust it or to add more features is possible – so if you are interested, pls contact me. Again via (Trung) [“”]

Issues : You can post an issues on a given private repository if you are allowed.

Free to fix any bugs/issues of all verions of the extension (For all of a functionality term, a coding standard term, security term). Regardless, you need to pay me a coffee.

About Betagento:

My name is Luu Van Trung. Betagento is my personal bussiness to provide Magento extensions and services.

Purchase process:

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